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We are a volunteer group in the USA who are now organizing another POTCAKE PUPPY LIFT. Time is running out for these dogs.  We want to rescue as many Potcakes pooches from the Humane Society of Grand Bahama as we can.  We have pledged our committment to help them. Can you join us? What is a Potcake?
Our goal is to get as many as 100 Potcake Puppies and young adult dogs off the island and flown to the United States. If left behind they have very little hope of ever being adopted. If you are a Rescue Group and can help rescue some of these dogs please contact us immediately. We need as many groups as possible to help save these wonderful dogs!
Potcakes make wonderful companions; they are loyal, highly intelligent and easy to housebreak!
They come in all sizes, shapes and colors. The average Potcake grows to weigh 40-60 lbs.
We currently have:
  • 3 nursing Mom with infant puppies
  • 12 Young Puppies
  • 25puppies under 1 year old
  • 150 Adult Potcakes
  • 1 Senior Potcakes
  • We also have Kittens!
The HSGB states that upon delivery puppies of age will have had their second vaccinations. Older puppies and adult dogs will be totally vaccinated including Rabies unless they are younger than 4 months. They will also be heartworm tested, spayed/neutered and freshly bathed - arriving free of ticks and fleas. Any questions?  EMAIL ME
Let us know what major airport is closest to you. We have transported to Florida, New York, Boston & Denver. All dogs are flown to Fort Lauderdale Florida first before their connecting flights.
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Please help us raise funds for this huge undertaking. For a U.S. tax-deductible donation, you can make payment through the Paypal link below or mail a check to:

The Kohn Foundation
566 Meadow Vista Drive
Evergreen, CO  80439
For: Operation Potcake Puppy Lift.
We're going to America!

Operation Puppylift Dec. 7 2012
62 dogs and puppies, and 11 kittens saved!

Video from the Pete Rose Potcake Lift below.